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mGear 3.6 issue

newbie question (-: Hi Jerome!

Started mgear3.6 with a clean install. I’m running Maya2018. I deleted my preferences as well.

shifter-> GuideTemplateSamples-> Biped Template gives me this error…

file -f -new;
// Result: untitled //
0.4844875 time elapsed running draw_guide

Error: RuntimeError: file C:/Users/PINTO/Documents/maya/2018/scripts\mgear\core\ line 223: Unable to create/find dependency node.

running into the same issue with mGear 3.4… do I need to activate something in Maya’s plugin manager?

the error line 223 is from the util library that have the timeit decorator.

But I guess the error is because missing the mgear_solvers. Can you check that are listed in the plugin manager?

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Thanks Miguel. Yes, it was an install error and Rafael walked me thru it…


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Wow @motionmechanic looks who’s here!!!
Welcome to the forum and I hope you’re doing well.

Hey @Jerome It’s good to be here… Hope you are well, my friend…