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Mgear 3.7.11 Edit Anim Picker



I’ve been using this product very much.
What I could do in 3.7.9, I can’t do in 3.7.11.

I’m trying to select an item in the Edit Anim Picker, but I can’t move it.

When I select an item and right click on it, I get the same context menu as when the item is not selected.

Therefore ,there are no options or toggle handles, so I can’t customize it.

Hello @kanjin_Imain

Thank you for reporting the error.

I was unable to recreate the bug you described.

Do you have anything special about your environment? What service pack of maya are you on?
The bug you described does exist but in maya 2022+

I looked at maya 2020 just now and I was able to edit pickers, get the option menu like usual.


I’m sorry. I listed the wrong version.
The bug is happening in maya2022, as you pointed out.