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Mgear 4.0.3 tab missing in maya 2022 pymel installed

Hi, I insalled mgear and it shows up as installed in maya preferences, however there is no mgear tab
I’ve restarted maya and I’ve reinstalled maya with pymel 3 but I still can’t see mgear
Please help ?

Hy, I’m not sure if I should reply here or in that link but I already have PyMel installed but the issue isn’t resolved

I guess when you say this, you mean you see the plugins loaded. The plug-in solvers and the mgear Python modules are separate things.

To test if the mgear modules have loaded or not, can you please test this line of Python?

import mgear

Do you get an error when you run that?

Hello Chris

Yes, the plugin solvers are loaded in the preferences menu but also maya tells me that pymel for python 3 is installed when I reinstall maya just like in the image on the download page.

When I use the test line, I get this error: # Error: ModuleNotFoundError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\Python37\lib\site-packages\shiboken2\files.dir\shibokensupport_feature_.py line 142: No module named ‘pymel’ #

I suppose maya recognizing pymel for python 3 as installed and the pymel modules are separate things as well?

Looks like pymel is not installed. If Maya installer is telling that is installed, must be an error on the Maya Pymel installation.

I see, is there perhaps a simple way to fix this?
under program files>Autodesk theres a file that says pymel for python 3 and inside it is a py that says ‘pymel’ I’m not sure where this file should really be placed