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Mgear and Mocap data


is Mgear compatible with Mocap data, meaning i can load Mocap data into a Shifter Biped rig?

Thank you

mGear have a very basic set of tools to deal with mocap


But needs a good revision and tutorial :wink:
I will try to provide at less a quick overview ASAP

Hey @Miquel, I was trying to shorten a little bit the process of passing mocap info to MGear rig. Also with the goal, even animators could do it by themselves. I checked the video you made where you point some issues in the process if its interface wasn’t open and selected control as the source in the characterize rig. But the thing is that I try to do the first two-step in just one with something really simple like this:
from mgear.shifter import mocap_tools
But everything seems to work just fine. I don’t know, maybe autodesk fix the issue or I’m missing something.

What would the workflow be in using mgears mocap steps but with the character in an APose?

I’m finding due to not having rigged at a TPose that the mocap data is connecting badly.

Put the character in an T pose before doing “characterize biped.” The rest position for the mocap skeleton will match this pose.

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Hello @david_alvarez

Depending on certain Maya script executions you might get unwanted results. Try the following

from maya import cmds
from mgear.shifter import mocap_tools


Deffering the characterizeBipid gives time to Maya to fully finish the importSkeletongBiped setup.


Thanks I will checks this out later today.

This worked out really well


Hi guys!

I reworked a little bit mocap tools file to work with namespace on control. In the beginning, you have to have any control from your referenced rig selected.
Hope someone can check it and let me know if it works!



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Hello @Ann_U I will check this ASAP. Thanks for this! :smiley: