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mGear and TripleA games


Hello guys is mGear good for AAA game studio as rigging tool when using mocap data and motionbuilder, do you know any AAA studio using mGear ?


In the case of mocap data and AAA i would contact http://red9consultancy.com/


I know that but lets say we want our inhouse system and not outsource at all, but thanks a lot for answer :slight_smile: I was lookinginto red9 studioPack (open-source) and wanted to connect it with mGear and do adjustements maybe to magera to fit our workflow more. But how good is mGear for AAA out of the box ?


There is no outsourcing involved. They just help you to get everything running.
After that everything is in your hand.

Without a good TD in your team nothing will run.


Thanks for the plug Oglu, Red9 StudioPack does have handling for dealing with custom rigs and binding MoCap data to them but the big push recently has been in our Red9 ProPack systems. At some point soon we’re going to be looking at properly supporting mGear within ProPack so that it wires as a native rig to the systems.

Even without this support however there’s a few simple steps within our ProPack that enable you to setup any rig to work as a native Puppet within our pipelines. Once you have that you have access to all of the power of Pro and that includes massive MoCap handling systems, both for re-targeting and for dealing with and working with dense data. This goes as far as internal timecode syncing for performance captures, full batching, our own custom animation format and integrated engine exporters. Pretty much your AAA animation pipeline off the shelf :wink:

We’re working with lots of studios concurrently to get the best out of Maya and take the stress and risk out of pipelines. Happy to talk you through things if you’re interested