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mGear Control Colors

Yo does anyone know how to manually change the color of the controls?!! I can select a preset like a square or a cube but can’t customize the color?

You said you can “select a preset like a square or a cube”. So I assume you don’t know this. You can use any custom shape you want. Replace or model the shape as you want. You can even use nurbsSurfaces or polys. And then “Extract Control”. It saves it under a “controllers_org” group. When you re-build your rig, it uses those custom shapes, if the name matches the controller.

How to color controllers:

  1. I use a post Python script to color controllers like I want them.
  2. If you use RGB colors, and extract the controllers, it will save those colors. But only because when the rig builds, it only sets the index color. If you set it to RGB, it will override the index color.
  3. In the guide settings you can customize the colors, but only for general types. Not for specific controls.

(I think customizing colors on a per-control basis would be a great feature request! It’s a bit complex because usually Shifter components have many controllers. How do you specify each one?)

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