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mGear counterparts in Blender?


Hello there!
I’ve been using mGear for the past year now and I really took a liking to it. It’s simple, modular and pretty easy to implement custom picker tools. However because of Maya licensing options, I was forced to start using Blender starting from the next project.
What I do wonder tho is if it would be possible to make it work in Blender? Both Blender and mGear are written in Python, how difficult it would be to implement it? Or are there really close counterparts? So far I’ve seen Rigify and Auto Rig Pro in action. Could anyone share the experience rigging with those addons in Blender?


Even though both programs use Python, the way their own libraries and functions work are completely different. Even the way you rig in Maya is different from the way you would rig in Blender (although there’s always some common ground). You wouldn’t pilot an airplane in the same way you drive a car, even though they both have wheels and move, right? It’s more or less the same thing.

That being said, the only difference with Blender having bGear and not having it is just someone working on it :slight_smile:


Blender’s rigging system is undergoing a complete rewrite. There’s no point in writing a new autorig system for Blender until the updated API is finalized and made public.


good to know :slight_smile: Thanks


mgear was adopted from gear for softimage…
and it uses nearly 80%-90% of the python code from the softimage gear…
only the custom solvers, utility commands and UI needed a rewrite for the maya api…
but the mgear python framework can be adopted to other dcc like blender, but it takes time and blender knowledge.
since rigging is in almost every software similiar (bones, ik solvers, hierarchies, spline ik solvers, transforms, etc) it should be defenitly be possible with willing and afford…


That’s not true with Blender, which uses a very particular and inflexible “armature” system which does not allow to eg. dynamically read an xform matrix and plug it in as an input to another node in the hierarchy. When they rewrite the rigging system using nodes it could become possible.


Softimage and Maya was not that different in many ways. As @Aerys pointed, I am afraid that is not the case for Blender (at less at this point)