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mGear for blender


Hi Miguel,

My production is planing to move from maya to blender. Is there any chance in the future where mgear is compatible with blender. Thanks


That is a nice idea , I think in the future maybe near one ,developing a bGear would be a very practical idea when so much people adopting blender which happen to be like mGear open source.
In the mean time, there are some rigging solution that work nicely but what is really interesting the future of blender or what they call animation 2020 which is a next generation animation tools may be mgear can be part of it.


I really like the idea of bGear, the only issue for me (and I guess other mGear developers) is time. Also it depends on the demand/needs of our studios.

@niteshms04 May I ask where are you working?

The only thing I can say is that my boss at Studio Anima likes Blender, so maybe one day may happen :wink:


I work at The Cirqus in Hyderabad, India @Miquel. I really wish there would be a bGear really soon. And also I’m beginning to learn blender now. So I have to learn much more stuff.


Hi @niteshms04

Oh cool! Really great reel of digital animals!

Regarding bGear, as I told before, I like the idea, but we don’t have any plan to do it at this point and if the project is stats in the future it will take lot of time to develop :stuck_out_tongue: