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mGear newbie presentation

Hi Guys, let me introduce myself.
I’m a rigger and recently at work we added maya to our current pipeline, mostly for animation. I have worked with maya in the past, but lone time ago. So looking for solutions for rigging and don’t reinvent the will I came a cross with mgear.
I’m really busy trying to port many custom tools from our previous animation software so really in something solid and production proven as mgears seems like a nice thing.
The main caveat I’ve found already is that mgear don’t look really game oriented. Meaning things like bones budget is really important.
But I really love the thing of mgear is opensource. Never contribute to any opensource project, probably because I’m a self taugth coder, and the shadow of think that your code besides it works is not clean enought to show/share it. Anyway I have the intention to contribute and share all the stuff I produce in the future for mgear. I just started to read the code and I must confess I’m a little (not so little in truth) bit overwhelmed but I hopefully start to understand how the framework works underneath. So far I haven’t found any tutorial/guide to write custom components. If anyone could point me to some material I could had overlook please let me know.

I really want mgear becomes part of my pipeline so I’ll try my best. Any help you cand provide in the future would be more than welcome.


Hello @david_alvarez

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I am sorry for the lack of documentation/tutorials on how to create new components. I have plans to create new components from April. So I think I will also create some tutorials at the same time

I hope this is not too late :slight_smile:


Hello david, I am mGear beginner too.
I think mGear is super great, but sometimes I want to customize.
I am trying to analyze how to customize components.
For me it is very hard to understand how mGear works from source code.
So I searched and found books about mGear.
If you can read Japanese, these might help you.

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Hi Yohei, Looks great sadly I can’t read/speak japanese. Thank you anyway.

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