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Mgear not installing

Hi there,

If someone could help me out I would be greatful. I tried installing mgear on Maya 2023 and 2024. Neither work. I have all the latest versions of everything. The install window pops up and wants to overwrite 3 existing files. I click Yes. close and restart - Maya no menu. Did all the steps many times. No menu :frowning:
Anyone else having this propblem?



Yes, the very first thread below this one: mGear not showing in Maya 2023

Can you please read through that thread first and see if any of the questions or steps help?

  • Do you have PyMEL installed? Try running import pymel.core as pm in the Maya script editor and check for errors.
  • Can you run import mgear in the Maya script editor? (If that doesn’t give an error, it is installing, and you might just be experiencing the missing menu issue. “not installing” and “no menu” are two different things.)
  • What files is it asking to override?
  • What OS?