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Mouth_01 Question


i builded a rig with the mouth_01 component, but the geo mouth is a bit open in neutral pose (is modelled open). so when moving the jaw up, then i never get a closed mouth…
i want the upperlip to stay a bit longer in place before the lowerlip hits it.
from the connections in the jaw ctl i see a lot of conditions, multiplyDivide, blend color nodes, but i dont know which condition/multdivide drives the upper lip to stay a bit longer in place…
any hints how to achive such a closed mouth after building?

I have no idea about that component, but often when I get a character with a slightly open mouth, I just create a blendshape called “neutral_mouth”, sculpt it closed, and I drive it to 1.0 permanently. That way you work with a closed mouth, but you can still return to the neutral model. It’s another option.

thx for the quick reply…mouth_01 is the one that comes with the biped guide…
changing the bind pose is unfotunataly not an option in my case (thought also about it), so i am looking for a way to do it in rig…have to analize the nodes better…somewhere must be this condition where it tells to drive the upperlip, if the jaw ctl is above 0 in y…

@soulcage Hello!
I used the plusMinusAverage node to adjust the effect.
In this demo, it is the mouth_01 component, and the node diagram is shown in gif.

Have fun. :grinning:

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thanks a lot. thats exacttly what i looked for.
works now.