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Nose / Cheek controls

Hey guys! I’m getting into mGear and hoping to speed up my learning about what this tool is capable of. I’ve been messing around with the Shifter Guide Manager with the included Biped Guide Template to get an idea of a starting point. I noticed that there’s nothing in here for nose / cheek control, nor does the Facial Rigger seem to make any mention of it. I also can’t find a simple component in the Shifter Guide Manger for adding just a few simple joints that would do the trick for me. What are the best practices for creating nose / cheek controls with mGear? I think I’m just missing something simple and I’d love some clarity here. Thanks!

For simple joints, you can use control_01. Don’t forget to turn joint on in the guide settings.

Otherwise no, you aren’t really missing anything. I don’t believe anyone has attempted to provide a full face template yet.

“Don’t forget to turn joint on in the guide settings.”

That was it! That was the simple thing I overlooked that I was missing. Thank you!