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Nurbs Curves wont convert back to picker data if PICKER_DATA node has a picker data file loaded

When working with the picker nurbs curves, i noticed that when you try to convert back to picker data objects, it wont update and register any changes unless you delete the file path in its attributes.

I also noticed that when converting to curves, you need to convert every single tab, if you dont, once you turn back to picker data, you will lose all the tabs that you didnt previously convert to nurbs

I’m usin mgear 4.0.9 and maya 2018 (Due to ongoing productions)

I attempted to test with a biped template and successfully updated the changes. Could you please explain the steps you took during each process?

There could be room for improvement by adding a feature that updates the data only in the tab you’ve edited. Alternatively, all the nurbs curves in all tabs could be extracted once the menu is accessed.

I’ve created the ticket here.