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NXT - Node Execution Tree

Today my colleagues and I announced our open source layered Python scripting tool called NXT (Node Execution Tree). We’ve been working with talented people from all over the CG industry for several years to create a Python layering and sequential execution application.
NXT enables visualization of complex scripts and easy cross-department collaboration, essentially object oriented scripting.

Recently we’ve started to work directly with Miquel to directly integrate NXT and mGear. Miquel has been so kind to us and we look forward to a more collaboration in the open source space. A huge thank you goes out to him! Also, keep an eye out for our episode of the rigging buddies podcast!

Checkout our announcement video here:

More info on installing and using NXT can be found on our website: https://nxt-dev.github.io/

Hi Lucas! I have watched some of the NXT tutorials and this is awesome guys what are you doing. I’ll try it ASAP.
Also, would be nice to see some demo of mGear and NXT integration.

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the mGear demo with NXT is towards the end.But my recommendation is to watch if from the beginning :wink:

just heard about it through the podcast.
looks super interesting and such a great initiative!
I’ll definitely follow its updates

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