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Offset controlers


I’m trying to recreate my custom rig setup in mgear but I can’t find the solution. Maybe you could help me :blush:?
So basically I want the second set of controllers which I use for offset animation (like shakes). The manual way to do it is to parent the offset controller under the main one and constrain the joint to the offset controller.
This is how it works: https://youtu.be/5Ng1CLeLZ2E

When I try to use let’s say leg component and try to reparent additional controls, nothing really happens. Do you think for setup like this I would need a totally new component or is there a way how to achieve it with the current ones?

Thank you for your time :]


chain_FK_spline_02 has an option for extra tweak controls for every joint.

leg_2jnt_01 has an option in the guide “Add extra Tweak Ctl”.

If you want to parent another control under the leg, and specify which bone it should follow, you can try to use “Parent Joint Index” in the guide settings, like this: Component and Parent joint index

Does one of those ideas help? If not, can you explain what you mean by “nothing really happens.”?


you can do this after rig creation…
in the mgear menu there is a command that lets you create extra controllers as parent or child of the selected one with no need of reparenting everything…


Ok, found it. I was checking the Extra Tweaks option but I didn’t really see any difference until it hit me and found the tweak vis in the main controller. That is exactly what I was looking for.

Also, that CTL as Child is also great. Missed that in the videos.

Thank you both :wink: