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Pipeline setup with mgear


Curious to know how others have implemented mgear into a studio environment.

For example rolling out rigs to 20 different characters with body and face setup.
How would one approach this ?


Hi Benn,

When I started with mGear, I wrote out my workflow here. https://rigmarolestudio.com/mgear-rigging-workflow/

It is a bit out of date already, because I started in 2.6, and some of the code changed in mGear 3.0. But I have a few sketches and ideas for how I organize my build scripts and data in a directory structure. I also haven’t kept the document up to date. I’ve made a few changes, but the overall structure is still similar.

Each character has a folder with custom build scripts. But I have a master “common” folder, with scripts which are meant to run for every single character.

When I want to clone a new character, I choose a similar character and duplicate the data (skinning, blendshapes and eye and lip configs) into a new folder. The name of the folder matches the asset name in Shotgun, which helps me write export/publish tools.

I have a few ideas for how I’ll clean up this pipeline for the next film. And I need to learn how to use the serialized version of guides and components. But this structure has served us pretty well so far.


Thanks Chris for your feedback.
Be amazing to see a video of how you take a character from the modelling department through to the rig being ready for animation.
I’m aiming at a game pipeline via Unity at the moment.


Don’t hold your breath.


I don’t reply to comments like this but…LOL


haha, my comment could have stood with a smiley face. :slight_smile:

But I am not a fan of making videos. It took me 4 years to cut my last demoreel! haha. I’m happy to write as much info as I can.