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Problem leg_ik orientation



I’m using mGear 2.5.24 and I’v an issu with the orientation of the leg_ik controlers.

To recreate the problem, this is pretty simple :

  • Create a new scene
  • Create a leg_ms_2jnt_01, keep the settings as it is.
  • Turn the leg in rotateY to 10.
  • Create a foot_bk_01, change the direction from X to Z
  • Set the rotateY of the foot_C0_root to 0
  • Build it

As you can see in screeshot, everything is well oriented but the “leg_C0_ik_ctl”.
My character’s feet was not sculpt straight to the Z axis, so I have to rotate my leg and my foot rig to match my model.
The problem is that our animator would like to use the “leg_C0_ik_ctl” for animation but he cant due to the difference of orientation between the controler (straight to Z) and the reel orientation of the foot (not straight to Z). The “leg_C0_ik_ctl” should have values in the rotation, but instead the rotations are full 0.

To addition, It appears that we dont have the problem with hands. I have my “arm_L0_ik_ctl” perfectly oriented with the hand, and the controler get rotate values.

Do you know how can I solve this problem ?

Thanks !!


@nivoliez That was design like that on purpose. To be always world align. If I recall correctly, it was not always like that, and I changed because a few animators requested always world oriented.
I guess the ideal is to have this optional, but I didn’t implemented.

I will review this when I have time. I have logged here:

Thanks for the feedback!


can you extended that feature / issue log to hands or arms too?
every now and then I get A-Pose meshes for which this might be useful too


Thanks you so much !


Maybe I’m wrong, but you have that feature for the hands.
From my side I have the “arm_L0_ik_ctl” with rotate values and the “arm_L0_ikcns_ctl” without rotate values.
So I can choose to animate with an oriented controler (local position) or not (world position).

But like I said, maybe I’m wrong ^^

btw Miquel, your rigging system is awesome, great work ! I really enjoy using it.