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Proxy attribute with multiple connections


I was wondering whether anyone has encountered this problem and possibly a solution to it.

I have a “blink” attribute on separate left/right eye lid controllers. I would like the main eyes look at controller to have a “blink” attribute as well, that controls both left/right eyes but also be able to control left/right eye separately.

Proxy attributes only do one-to-one connections, but in this situation it would be good to have the proxy attribute connected to multiple attributes.


To me, I don’t think that would make sense. A proxy attribute isn’t like a one-to-one connection. It is like it is the same attribute, accessed in 2 or more different places.

So as far as I understand, you want the same attribute to act differently depending on which controller is selected.

The way I would handle this is by simply having a 2nd, locked and hidden blink attribute on each eye control, something like .bothBlinks. Connect the blink plus the new attribute through a plusMinusAverage to the blink blendshapes. (And clamps, so both blinks don’t add up past 1.0) Then connect those to your look-at controller’s blink attribute.

(I used a plusMinusAverage + clamp in the latest eye_rigger changes, for upperBlink + blink and lowerBlink + blink, so it would be easy to add in a 3rd connection.)