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Proxy Slicer Usage [QUESTION]

Hello everyone, I was trying out the proxy slicer function but don’t really know how it works. So my first attempt was to select the skinned mesh only then run proxy slicer parenting which ended up like this so I assume this wasn’t the proper way.

I just wanted to know how to use proxy slicer option, thanks.

I haven’t tried the proxy slicer yet, but if I saw something like that happen, the first things I would check are:

  1. Does it work better if you unlock transforms on your geo?
  2. Does your mesh have transform values? Maybe it doesn’t support that.
  3. Does your rig have scaling, or especially non-uniform scaling on it? That might cause trouble.
  4. Do you get any errors or warnings when running it?

(Otherwise, what else can you say about your rig? Are you using the Shifter biped, or the Unreal components? Did you adjust the joint orientations? I wonder if it expects a certain orientation?)

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Hello Chris,

I tried unlocking transforms on my geo. Proxy mesh stays on the same place as my original mesh which is good.

But when I try moving the rig, strange behavior happens and then I tried to set translate and rotations of all proxy meshes to 0, that makes proxy mesh pop back to where it was like in my first post.

  • mesh has no transform values
  • doesnt have scaling at all
  • I dont get any errors

Rig is built with shifter components, didn’t use any of Unreal ones, don’t know what you mean by adjusting joint orientations but I only moved guides, never touched a joint.