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QT Designer - add custom controller to Reset bind Pose

Hello everybody,

Im working on a customized version of the Synoptic biped widget. I managed to add new controls to the Synopticbiped widget but I couldn’t find a way how to include them in the reset bind pose button.

The controllers were custom created after building… I know that I should just include them into the build and just rebuild it but I already have spent a lot of time customizing the rig and don’t wanna redo everything again.

Mirror pose/ Reset Sel. Trans./ Flip Pose, Key All works but the reset doesn’t.

Any hint would be very helpful :slight_smile:


I don’t have an answer to your question, but you asked for “any” hint. The synoptic isn’t supported anymore, as far as I know. I’d encourage you to check out the Anim Picker, which is a LOT easier to edit and customize.

And JimBo_Drew wrote some functions that convert an Anim Picker into curves, so you can edit them quickly in Maya curves. And then turn them back into an altered Picker. Sharing a couple of functions i wrote for anim picker

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Thx for your quick reply.
I didn’t want to spend too much time on the picker since the rest is working and I liked all the functions of it. But I guess if I want to create a proper one I will have to spend more time figuring out how the anim picker works to create a comparable version.

Thx for the hint Chris :slight_smile: