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Quadruped back leg - .leg_boneCLenMult

Hi friends, I am not 100 percent sure, if this is a bug. But while both the “.leg_boneALenMult” and “.leg_boneBLenMult” attributes of the “backLegUI_ctl” are distributing the length to all the tweak controls respectively, the “.leg_boneCLenMult” only affects one of the tweak controls (only the last one, the “legBack_tweak9_ctl”)

I’m using mGear 4.2.0 with Maya 2023.3, default quadruped template.

Thanks @Jakub_Srsen . I can confirm the issue
I will log it 3jn leg bug: - .leg_boneCLenMult · Issue #379 · mgear-dev/mgear4 · GitHub

@Jakub_Srsen I just fixed the bug and have requested a PR on GitHub.