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Quadruped World_ctl scaling


I found something in the Quadruped Guide included with mGear. I use mGear 2.5.24 with Maya 2018.3
If I import it & change the guide scale (made it BIGGER) , then I build the rig, the ((world_ctl)) controller size didn’t scale with the whole guide

Not a big issue but if you need to massively change the guide size, your world_ctl later may not be like how you want it.


waht about scaling it in component mode?


@Hazem_Mahmoud That is the expected behaviour. I should improve this calculating the bounding box, but is not priority right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep it works,
but needs you to be careful when doing it, as it also activates the component mode for all the other controllers linked to world_ctl , To not select any other vertex for another controller by mistake or something (& of course you will need to repeat this each time the animator needs to scale it if he/she scales the rig)


:laughing: , i thought for a while about that indeed (it might be needing some calculation for the whole guides scale to guess the world_ctl later after building), just add it on the notebook for later :+1: