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RBF manager sharing controls on the left and right side

When I create a left leg rbf at 90 degrees and right leg rbf at 90 degrees I have a center control for a jacket needs to fire. When I go through and make the pose on the left it works but on the right it looks for cwaist8_driven_WD_trfm and keeps adding to the hierarchy. If I rename the left side cwaist8_driven_WD_trfm to cwaist8_driven_WD_trfm1 than I can edit the right side but not the left. Is there a way to have a single control to be driven by both the left and right controls? Is just a naming issue?

Sadly no, the mirroring is limited to left and right. It is not smart enough to figure out “sharing” a control. Usually, I solve this solution by parent constraining a group in the hierarchy in the center control so it can split the difference between L and R. If you are using mgear rig build then you could modify an imported setup with a post script, to get more advanced.