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Rig over exisiting skeleton



I’m looking to switch rigs on our production pipeline. We have exisiting skeleton and i wonder if it was possible through Mgear to rig over that skeleton?

Best regards.

Using Pre-existing Skeleton + Modified A-Pose?

yes it is possible. Just nee to match the guide and configuration with your existing joint structure. Later use constraints

here is a little script I did some time ago to constraint it based on proximity. But maybe a hand made 1 to 1 mapping will be better

from mgear.core import vector
import pymel.core as pm
import timeit

start = timeit.default_timer()

gJoints = pm.PyNode("spine_C0_hip_jnt").getChildren(ad=True)
meshJoints = pm.PyNode("Name of the top joint of your custom joint structure").getChildren(ad=True)
mapping = {}
for gj in gJoints:
    mindist = .09

    for mj in meshJoints:
        d = vector.getDistance2(gj, mj)
        if d < mindist:

            mapping[] = gj

for k in mapping.keys():
    mapped =  mapping[k]
    if mapped:
        pm.parentConstraint(mapped, k, mo=True)
        pm.scaleConstraint(mapped, k, mo=True)

end = timeit.default_timer()
timeConsumed = end - start
print "{} time elapsed running".format(timeConsumed)



Thanks, i’ll keep you posted about it! :slight_smile: