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Script print list of selections


Hello. So this is just a genral scripting question, not really a mGear question, but if anyone could help that would be great!
I would like to make a script to make my geo selection matt (in arnold in attriubtes). So i know how to make a specific object matt (cmds.setAttr(“pCubeShape1.aiMatte”,1)), but I need to be able to make a selection in the viewport and then run the script on that selection, and do it again for a diffrent selection. I am just not quite sure how to do this?



If you go through the selection using you get the transforms, which you have to get the shape from. And run the setAttr on those.

I haven’t tested this but should be something like this:

import maya.cmds as cmds

selection =
matte_value = 1  # Change value if desired

for node in selection:
    # Only get the renderable shapes
    shapes = cmds.listRelatives(node, noIntermediate=True, shapes=True)
    for shape in shapes:
        cmds.setAttr("{}.aiMatte".format(shape), matte_value)


Ah thank you so much! I will test it out now and let you know if its working!


It works perfectly! all i had to do was change matte_value = 1 to matteValue = 1 , as you use the name later in the script.


Would i be able to use this if i want to change a attribute in a aiStandardHair shader. So instead of getting the shpe i would need to get the shader right?


Ah right! Forgot I changed the matteValue to matte_value later :slight_smile:

Would i be able to use this if i want to change a attribute in a aiStandardHair shader.

Yeah, you won’t have to search for shapes or anything.

import maya.cmds as cmds

selection =  # works on any selection, even shaders.
new_value = 1  # Change value if desired

for node in selection:
    cmds.setAttr("{}.attributeName".format(node), new_value)

Just note that some attribute types need different arguments to set the value.
The example wouldn’t work on strings or vectors for instance.


Ah thank you so much!!

I have one last question. I want to connect .outMesh to .inMesh for my selection, so i want the first object to be the outMesh and the second object to be the inMesh. is this possible?


Sure thing :slight_smile:. You need the shapes of your selection again for this.

selection =
first_obj = selection[0]
second_obj = selection[1]

first_shape = cmds.listRelatives(first_obj, ni=True, s=True)[0]  # abreviated version of the first script
second_shape = cmds.listRelatives(second_obj, ni=True, s=True)[0]

cmds.connectAttr("{}.outMesh".format(first_shape), "{}.inMesh".format(second_shape))

The script assumes your selections are transform nodes and have mesh shapes.


Ah thank you so so much! you are a real life saver!:grin:


I tried it now and i get an error that says for line “second_shape = cmds.listRelatives(second_obj, ni=True, s=True)[1]” list index out of range?


Oh right, that has to be [0] also :slight_smile:


That worked! thank you so so much! You have no idea how much this has helped me!:grin: