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Scripting language learning


Folks, I was wondering if experienced TDs here would be willing to share some elementary content or refer us to content that could help animators and non -TDs like myself who have no experience in scripting to get on our feet.
I generally tune out of posts where I see scripting involved because as of now it seems arcane to me. I’m sure there are others like me who would like to be more involved in the general thrust to develop this wonderful tool but are limited by our ignorance of scripting.
Please feel free to share all knowledge or access to content here that would help us develop our knowledge fo scripting.


No where near an experienced TD, but I do a share of coding.
This was one of the first free tutorial series I went through. Its alright and it covers all the basis.

I remember the Python for artists course of pluralsight was really decent. The monthly subscription fee wasn’t that bad at all. As for pymel resources I really dont have any good ones. Mgear is all Pymel based. However I did pick up pymel in a day or so after doing python and maya cmds for a year or so. They really are pretty similar and transitioning one to the other is a breeze.

I’d also highly recommend going through the learning process with people in the office together. It really does help, not only as a motivator to stick through the countless syntax errors and steep learning curve but also as a support net. You end up teaching each-other all the cool new things you learn and it makes the whole process 100 times easier.


Chris Zurbrigg has some beginner tutorials.


For me this is one of the best intruductions: from Dhruv Govil.
100% recommended!