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Sdk_control_01 component and UI bug

Hello everyone!

I found several problems when using sdk_control_01 component and sdk_manager to make character expressions.

In the sdk_control_01 component, the name in the component UI is the same as the UI name of the control_01 component, which can easily lead to confusion when the sdk_control_01 component and control_01 component are used at the same time.

The left is the old UI and the right is the new UI.

The control shape of the sdk_control_01 component is hard-coded behavior. The shape preset in the Control Shape combobox of the component UI cannot update the shape of the rig control after build. There is only one combobox shape preset in the UI, and users cannot modify the shape of the SDK and Anim controls separately.

The left is the old UI and the right is the new UI.

I don’t know if these are things that were missed when designing components.

I modified the relevant python script:



I updated the settingsUI.ui using Qt Designer and converted to