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Separate Head / Facerig from Body Rig

Hey there,

I am rigging a character and I am thinking about serializing the head / faces into their own files and setups and combining everything in my post steps. As I am not that good with face rigs, this would make it possible for me to experiment and try more stuff while being able to just combine it into my body rigs later.

For my approach, I would only build the body rig and guides up to the neck in one file, and the guids for head / face in another. When building, I would add in the file with guides for the head / face in my pre/steps to build one complete rig.

Am I missing something and Is this a good way of doing things or will I be running into a whole world of problems later down the line?

It would be awesome to hear what you think, thank you!

I think head is part of the body rig and if this is not the request of pipe/project I’d leave it in body. But of course you can separate the head and body rigs with a lot of coding.

If you are not comfortable with face rigging, instead of separating the head and body and adding complexity, I’d consider separating A) practicing face rigging and B) your production rig.

Take a step back and practice on a separate file. Take notes. Try some things. Then go to your real rig and just rig it.

Rigging the production rig in two separate parts isn’t going to solve the problem of being “not that good with face rigs”.


Thanks Chris,
It would only be a personal rig - but I completely understand and I’ll absolutely do what you suggest. Practicing, failing, repeating and finding a solution that works best for me ( and a possible future pipeline ) is going to help me a lot more than diving into code just because I can.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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