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Set driven keys setup, export import setup

Sorry if this is somehow offtopic and not directly related to Mgear…

I have made a Facial UI with a bunch of controllers driving many Blendshapes, via set driven keys

Now i have a different character with the same Facial UI and blendshape names.

I would like to “transfer the driver/driven” relationship without having to re connect everything manually.

Any ideas about how to do this within Maya, or do i need an external script for this?

Thanks for any help!


This is how I approach this. Even when I’m building the whole rig from scripts, I still connect it to “hooks” like this, so it is easy to edit, disconnect, reconnect, or export/transfer like a template.

[Edit: Miquel said the way to do it in mGear.]


mgear rigbits have a module to export-import SDK


Thank you Chris. I will have a look!

Hola Miquel

this only works if the connection relationship has been made with Mgear,s SDK manager?

I had done mine with SHAPES and thought i could export/import also with shapes but that doesnt seem to work.

Could i use your export/import script also in this case, and if yes how?

I just tested running from the script editor but i get a syntax error…


Hey @actoratwork ,

The SDK manager utilises the sdk_io provided by the mgear framework. In short, they both use the same core code to export and import out your existing sdk connection that you have setup.

nodes = selected nodes in scene.
filePath = path to export your json file.
You can use the sdk_io.exportSDKs(nodes, filePath) function to export out your data to disk.

I am surprised to hear that the export for SHAPES is not working for you? Normally it can handle/serialize the connections that are set up?
I normally work with that when dealing with blenshapes, I try to keep as much as possible within the tool to ensure consistent data and workflows. Do you setup your SDK’s within the tool or outside?

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Please post the code you attempted to run. Or the syntax error. (or both) Otherwise, we can only guess what is going wrong.

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the issue i have with that workflow is that the “new” character has exactly the same Vert Ids, and Blendshape names BUT the blendshapes are modeled differently.

As far as i know, importing the node data will import the connections but also the blendshapes itself (wich i actually dont want !)

see this video i did for better explanation

thanks a lot!

i suppose the sdk manager expects particular nodes in order to work, wich i dont have in this scene because the setup was not done with Mgear.

Also the SDK manager just handles controls/joints relationships and not blendshapes, correct?