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Setting the foot rig for a hiking boot

Hi all. I’m beginning my mGear learning, and my first biped is a guy with hiking boots on which have the typical default toe lifted default shape. This is confusing me as the guides normally should be on the floor, at the tip of the shoe, but the shoe tip floats quite a distance above the floor. I could leave the front foot locator at the tip on the floor, but would need to counter animate all the time, and if it was at the higher position, the foot would rotate above the floor…

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Example boot style

Hello @Gavin

This isn’t a difficult thing to handle.

First part

  • First you need to find the correct spot for your foot front roll. To correctly place the last foot_L0_#_loc on the guides
    • First create a locator that you snap to the tip of your shoe at the sole level.
    • Put the pivot of that locator at your guides toes pivot.
    • Rotate the locator till it reaches the ground level. This will give your the accurate position where the sole will hit the ground when rotating later on. You place your last foot_L0_#_loc guide there.

Second part

Now for the custom part…

  • Create a group on top or your foot_L0_fk#_ctl(s) with the same pivot.
  • Now you just plug an amount of the rolling attribute values into that new group with whatever magnitude you need it to be.

So this is the way I handle it. The second part been fully handle by a Shifter Custom Post Step.

If this doesn’t make sens to you I can do a quick video explaining this.

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Hi Jerome

Thanks for the help

Most of that makes sense to me, especially part 1 :blush: but if you have a chance, I’d appreciate a quick demo if you’re offering.

Hi @Gavin
I have yet not done your example, sorry little busy for the moment. Do you still need this or you got it working nicely on your side?

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