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Simple FK neck and head with space switches

When I started using mGear, I got really confused about space switches and the various theads I found on the forums got me even more confused so it might be time for a new thread that will eventually clarify everything for new mGear users starting with version 4+.

As you might remember, last week I was using the shoulder_01 with my mighty_neck_01 component and even recorded a video tutorial for this but ran into a problem as I couldn’t get the head orientation to be consistent with the rest of the spine and neck so I looked again into the issue and finally understood what Miquel was talking about few years ago:

All the magic is done through two things :

  1. The control_01 component now has a drop down menu to switch the connection from standard to orientation

  1. setting up the space switching from world to local will be done using the control_01 IK Reference array panel located in the control_01 Component settings tab. This is what was confusing me the most as I was trying to create a simple FK neck and head hierarchy and not an IK one. Is the underlying system IK or is it just a confusing naming convention?

I also recorded a little demo for people who would like to see this in action with few additional tips.