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Single-sectioned EPIC_foot_01 breaks rig build

mGear version: 4.2.2
Maya 2023.3
Windows 11 Pro

I believe this issue is similar to this unresolved post:

I’m attempting to add a 1-section EPIC_foot_01 to an EPIC_leg_3jnt_01.
foot_L0_root is being parented to leg_L0_foot and I’m setting the Connector Type to leg_3jnt_01 in the foot options.
When I build I get this error:

# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "C:\Users\andy.van.dalsem\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\guide_manager.py", line 70, in build_from_selection
#     rg.buildFromSelection()
#   File "C:\Users\andy.van.dalsem\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\__init__.py", line 261, in buildFromSelection
#     self.build()
#   File "C:\Users\andy.van.dalsem\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\__init__.py", line 295, in build
#     self.processComponents()
#   File "C:\Users\andy.van.dalsem\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\__init__.py", line 521, in processComponents
#     comp.stepMethods[i]()
#   File "C:\Users\andy.van.dalsem\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\shifter\component\__init__.py", line 150, in step_00
#     self.setRelation()
#   File "C:\Users/andy.van.dalsem/Documents/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter_epic_components\EPIC_foot_01\__init__.py", line 427, in setRelation
#     self.relatives["root"] = self.fk_ctl[0]
# IndexError: list index out of range

If I repeat this same process but choose 2 or 3 sections for the foot instead of 1, the rig will build fine with no errors.

This video shows:

  1. Rig build with no EPIC_foot_01
  2. Rig build with 3-section EPIC_foot_01 added
  3. Rig build with 2-section EPIC_foot_01 added
  4. Rig build with 1-section EPIC_foot_01 added ← Build fails with error