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Size of guides of the lite_chain_01

Hi everyone,

First time using mGear here.

I’m building a custom rig. Started using the biped template but deleted the limbs, legs and arms to put the component that has bendy limbs (tangents).

So I’m creating the guides for the fingers using the lite_chain_01.

But the guides are too big making it difficult to place them. My character is very stylized with tiny fingers.

Is there a way to scale down the size of the guides?


Hi Bruno, yes you can just scale the guides. Is anything wrong happening when you scale them?

You might also have to scale the control icons later when you build the rig.

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Thank you. Scaling the guides is working, at the vertex component level.

I thought there were like a global parameter somewhere that I could scale them globaly, that each new component that I drew came smaller.

Another thing I noticed was that my maya scene was in inches. Making the " build rig" behave all wrong. I switched my project to centimeteres and now all the guides are smaller and the build rig works properly. Thank you @chrislesage

yes, mGear (and many Maya tools) make the assumption that you work in CM. Indeed changing the units will make some tools in Maya to behave strangely.

I had a mGear fork that was working with any unit. But was a real nightmare to maintain since many methods in Maya API and cmds expect cm and there is no way to ask for another unit.

in short. keep the units to CM :wink: