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Soft tweaks volume mode not working in maya 2022

Soft tweaks don’t appear to be working in volume mode in maya 2022, mgear 3.7.11
With surface mode on, they do work, but with it off, the whole object moves with the control.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess that is a Maya bug.
Softweaks are just softmod with a nice interface.
can you try to use softmod directly?

Ah, didn’t actually realize that :slight_smile:
But strangely, the maya softmod seems to work in both volume and surface modes.

I couldn’t find out a setting where it wouldn’t work and the ones made through mgear would work, but not sure if I missed something :sweat_smile: couldn’t find anything about softmod in maya 2022 changelog either.

Thanks again for the feedback and the sofmod confirmation. I will need to check

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Had some time and came back to this myself to try and find a reason, and unchecking “falloff around selection” in the softmods extra attributes/weight function seemed to be the problem. I guess there normally isn’t a selection, and on maya 2020.4 and before I guess having this checked wasn’t a problem. Softmod on default doesn’t turn this on, but creating it through mgear does for some reason.

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Thanks for the feedback @saka
I didn’t forget about this. I will check ASAP also with Maya 2022