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[Solved] Wrong axis on mirrored wrist


So, I’ve got this issue. Been looking for a while where I could make an error, but couldn’t find anything. The guides are perfectly symmetrical, but for some odd reason it gives me wrong translate axis on the right wrist (mirrored from the left one). Can’t post mesh’s T pose since I’m prohobited to post any visual stuff from the game :frowning: .

I was using arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 component. If anyone’s willing to check the guide configuration, I can send .sgt file.


@Sam_Noskov Can you send me a PM with the link only to the guide of the rig? something that doesn’t contain anything under NDA?

I will try to check it ASAP, but maybe take a few days




Just checked the guide, the axis look inverted but you will notice that work symmetrical in behaviour. That is because the X scale is negate in the control parent to achieve the complete symmetrical behaviour

in other words. this is correct. :slight_smile: