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Spider leg approach

Hello friends

what would be a good approach with shifter componets, to rig a spiders leg with 5+ segments and IK - FKsetup ?

Thank you!

As far as I know mGear does not provide such module with 5+ segments. Usually Spiders have 3 segments and mGear leg_3jnt_01 module does provide such behavior. But If you are working on some spider kind of creature and it has 5+ segments in the legs it depends on how it moves, of it’s anatomy and it’s morphology and of course of animators requests. The last one is very important because the riggers must obey to animators xD. To many variables to have simple solution.

Thanks but basically i am just learning Mgear…

Please have a look at this attached pic!

How could this kind of situation be approached to have an IK-FK setup for the full shoulder and leg?

Thanks a lot

I don’t think you need so many articulations.
Try to use the module I have mentioned in the post above. You need only 3 bones. 2 bones where you have drawn red strokes and one in where you have yellow strokes. If you want additional bend on the limbs use roundness attribute of the module. I think leg_3jnt_01 fits your needs. Here is the footage of real spider.


thank you iRex

i will keep learning rigging and Mgear for the next few months, whenever i have the time

I’m glad if it helped you.

Im curious if you found a solution. I also thought this would be beneficial to a specific rig. Does anyone know how to recreate the leg_3nt_01_jnt template to actually be a leg_4jnt_01? (with an extra joint.)