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Spine Joint Realignment

Hello everyone,
Now I’m getting stuck on changing the position of Spine joints.
It seems like the joints positions are determined by the distance of spine_C0_root between spine_C0_eff
divided equally by the numbers of Divisions automatically.
I tried spine_S_Shape_01 to adjust the positions(yellow sphere) but they just defined the position of tangents.
Is there any good ideas for adjusting the position of joints individually whether before builds or after?
I would appreciate any suggestions or information.Thank you for reading.

Hello @Mainomi

you can edit manually or with a custom step the motion path U value

Also, I would recommend checking the components from @yamahigashi

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hello @Miquel

I’m very grateful for your support.
They are very helpful for me :blush:
will also try yamahigashi’s components next time I bulid.