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Spines not lining up

Hi, I have an issue where an animatior has accidentally deleted the history on the mesh and saved their scene file. I now have to apply the animation that they’ve done onto a fresh rig.
I’ve exported the animation and applied it to the fresh rig, but for some reason the spine on the character doesn’t sit in the correct place.
The rig is based on the biped template
The animation on the new rig matches the values on the old but there’s an offset on the spine… almost like the chest control has been shifted slightly on on of them.

Any ideas why that may be the case?

I’m using version 3.0.4 of mgear

This doesn’t seem like an mGear issue.

There is no way to tell without looking at your scene, but it is possible the animator keyed or moved an offset group in addition to the controls. Or perhaps they moved a pivot point on a controller or group.

It also completely depends on how you exported your animation. Were all controllers keyed? If a controller was not keyed, did you still store and set the values on the unkeyed controls? If not, there will be a difference, because those values will be lost.

In most productions, animators should reference the rig and work on that, so they can’t delete or destroy parts of the rig.

maybe accidentially turned on child compensate?