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Spline IK/FK different skinning

Hi everyone,

I am assigned to rig a worm that animators wants to be able to animate it with both IK and FK so I used spline_ik_01 component but the thing with that is I can’t make skinning look good in both IK and FK because of the roll solver I assume.

Is there a way to bypass the roll solver and use Maya’s default one on that existing rig? Or maybe there is an easier solution?

A little late on this, but what does the skinning look like? Maybe it’s just in too extreme of a pose?
You could always be a menace and try using delta mush on the area that looks really bad :grimacing:

Well, thanks for the tips. I can’t use delta mush because it’s for games but I managed to use Chris’ workaround on one of the topics here to align FK controls to aim each other instead. That fixed joints being aligned with tangents so it’s more like a maya spline IK now.


Different topic, but I noticed that in Maya 2022, the deltaMush deformer seems broken. It seems to mush instead of deltaMush. So it smooths away details.

As for the bad skinning, I think it is related to this thread, right? mGear spline components give strange joint transforms

I agree with some of the comments in that thread that the orientation seems wrong. Especially as Count_zer0 points out, that it can’t be used for an actual chain skinning.

But your solution in that thread seems to work just fine, did you have any problems with that?

Hmm, can’t say. We use 2023 where I work and though I haven’t seen the difference between mushing and deltamushing, I can only say that it’s given the results we wanted, haha :grimacing:

Thank you for the heads up regarding the related thread!

That hack works for me, yeah. Except I don’t use those components. I brought it up as context, since smoothing it over in skinning is not a sustainable fix.

(I might be mistaken about deltaMush. I can’t recreate the problem anymore.)