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Spring Gravity node not showing up


I understand the spring gravity node has been added in release 4.1.0 as per the release notes, however I am unable to find the node in mgear_solvers 2.2.0 which is the version distributed in release 4.1.2. Am I doing something wrong? Tried in Maya 2020 and 2023 versions of mgear_solvers but the node doesn’t show up in either.

Thank you!

normally it should be part of the mgear_spring node…just create one in the node-editor to see what inputs/attributes it has…

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It’s the same old mgear_spring node with no gravity or collision options.

I believe it’s a different one because of this here:

"assign unique node ID mgear_springGravityNode #94

Maybe the release includes the src but the plugin has not been compiled?

I’m not very familiar with CMake or compiling, but it seems to be listed here, and you’re right they do now have different IDs. https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear4/blob/master/src/CMakeLists.txt

I wonder if there are errors that preventing it from compiling.

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So this node should be appearing? Do you think I should I flag this as a bug?

does maya spits out some errors when loading the mgear_solvers?

in the source it seems to have a unique id…
but the gravity+collision options are only an extension to the old spring-node, so actually it can be implemented into the normal spring-node…only the new inputs have to be exposed by the building scripts (thats how we use it as a custom mgear build…)

i can try to compile the solvers for maya 2020 + 2023…
but the actual chain-spring-component uses the normal spring-node in its scripts…so there must be also created a new component for using the gravity-collision-spring-node…(which can be a bit tricky for the collision options, which have to be setupped per spring-node, so how that can be implemented on the rig controller…)

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I’m not getting errors when loading mgear_solvers.

If you can compile the solvers I would be a very happy person. I’ve been looking out for these updates since forever! I’m a big fan of the spring node and this would be a tremendous upgrade to my setup.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to compile a plugin, but let me know whatever I can do to help!

Thank you!

@herniguerra here are the builds for 2020 + 2023 with the springGravityNode.
just update your solvers and component with this.
let me know if it works.

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Thank you!!! :christmas_tree: :gift: