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Texture's on Rigs

Hi everyone

I just have a general query I’d like to gather some opinions, specifically from people who work in studio’s or have worked in studios regarding their stance or preferred workflow with regards to textures applied to rigs.

I’m of the opinion that its better to have smaller res textures applied to rigs to help with animation and so forth and as far as I am aware the smaller the texture the lighter the rig will naturally be.

I also know you can turn on the clamp texture option in your viewport 2.0 options and manually set the resolution you want to clamp it to and that also helps.

But naturally if you are loading in a 4k texture onto a rig that needs to be animated with and you are setting your maya clamp to a lower res wouldn’t that still have an impact on the rigs performance since maya has to run this thing in the background everytime. As opposed to just having it off and just having smaller textures on

So my question, would anyone be able to give their views and validations on either of these ways and if there is any actual difference in working in any of these ways?