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Tip: When copying skinning make sure to change skinCluster skinning method!

I was trying to debug some skin penetration issues today (skinned the body, then copied weights to the clothes, but things weren’t lining up correctly) - and after much futzing about I realized that copy skin doesn’t copy the skinning method when it creates the new skinCluster!

So tip for ya… if you’re copying skinning, make sure to adjust the skinning method as well. :slight_smile:

Are you talking about Maya’s copy skin, or mGear -> Skinning -> Copy Skin? If you mean mGear’s, it makes sense that it should.

I made a pull request to add this.

Both have the same issue. :slight_smile: thanks for doing the pull request!

Thanks @chrislesage for the PR

@chrislesage @Jason_Schleifer I also have found another bug yesterday with the RBF manager. I will release a hotfix 3.5.1 today :slight_smile:

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