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Tongue not following jaw


I am in the process of learning Mgear…

I noticed that my tongue is not following the jaw when it opens. I parented the tongue chain to the jaw but no luck

Does it need a different connector in the settings or do i have to parent it after building the rig?

Thank you

parent the tongue-root after building to the jaw-rot (or so)

Thank you but why do some components get parented before building and others do not work that way!

Is that a Maya technical constraint ?

To me it seems lack of consistency in the workflow…!?

Thanks for your help as I am loving mgear and just want to keep learning it

my tongue

the tongue chain

I have not kept up with any recent changes to any face rigging templates, so maybe I’m missing something? What is the tongue? Is it something that was in a face template? Or is it a component you made?

What Shifter components are you using for the tongue and jaw? What exactly did you parent to exactly what?

When you say “tongue chain”, are you talking about the joint chain in the rig, or the guides?

Just in case you’re talking about joints: In Shifter, usually joints follow the controllers via matrix constraints. Even if you parent the joints under something new, they will continue to follow their driving controllers. So you need to parent the controllers to each other. Not the joints.

If you want more specific help, please show how you set up your guides.

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