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Transfer Blendshape

How do i transfer Blendshapes from one mesh to an other without using the Shapes plugin.?

Hi @oglu

Have you tried with the Shape Editor?

Last time i tried this worked only on objects with the same vertexorder.
Has that changed?

Haaa yes that is still the case. Sorry I though you wanted to export to apply on same object later on…
Nope if you want to transfer/export blendshape data from one mesh to a different one you need to have a transfering tool/method in order to do so. What I mean is that there isn’t anything inside Vanilla Maya to do that (to my knowledge so far till Maya 2020)

If you don’t want to use SHAPES and want to transfer this type of things you can try with FLEX inside mgear.

# imports
from mgear.flex.update_utils import copy_blendshape_node

# source blendshape node
bs_node = "blendShape1" # here the name of your blendshape source node

# target mesh shape
target_shape = "target_meshShape" # here the name of your target shape
copy_blendshape_node(bs_node, target_shape)

This uses the same method as SHAPES. Basically is a Maya wrap deformer. There are more clean ways to acheive the transfer result but they will require you to do some manual tweaks on the transfer by using the DeltaMush/Tension deformer in Maya to help the transfer process. All this is accessible within Maya.

Here a small gif about the code above.


Thanks that does look good. I will give it a try.