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Two same characters on scene

Hi guys! I want to have the same character duplicated on the same scene, and animate a cutscene for a videogame in UE4. My problem is that when duplicating I loose controls. And all problems related to name matching. This is what I did:
-I have duplicated the Guide and changed the name of the rig (cat1 and then cat2), i build and
the skeletons are correct, but controlling them is my challenge. Thank you.

I almost forgot to say but as you can see I break the rig structure and I leave the joints separated. I dont know how bad it is, but is working for me

Don’t duplicate your rig. Don’t even animate directly on your rig.

Instead you should reference your rig twice into an animation scene. Put your characters in a separate namespace. mGear’s space switching, Anim Picker, and even tools like the Game Exporter or Studio Library are usually designed to work correctly with referenced namespaces.

When you duplicate, the names aren’t unique anymore, and then the scripts can’t find which control you mean.