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UE Mannequin rig

Hi there,

I’ve recently started using mgear. I’ve installed 3.7.9 on Maya 2020.2 and I am using UE 4.26.1.

I am quite keen on knowing the best practises for importing fbx data onto the mgear Epic Mannequin rig as well as exporting it to UE. Out of interest is there an already rigged version of the UE Mannequin here?

I’ve exported the Control Rig from UE, then built the skeleton through the guide template (UE mannequin) and then skinned the geo (copy & paste skinweights between old / new joints). The skinning works really well in Maya. I’ve then done a test anim and exported out to UE. The anim works fine in UE when you just view it on its own, however when I’ve added it to the control rig mannequin there are few issues and its not displaying properly.


For now I’ve setup one scene where I am loading fbx data onto one referenced mannequin (through the selected namespace) then that drives a second mannequin (which has been setup with mgear) through constraints. However I’ve got some issues with it being 1 to 1 match. The thighs doesn’t line up (see attachment) as they don’t get the twist bone value, not sure on which controller I should put this. Also, there seem to be some discrepancy on the Upper Right Arm when in IK mode (see attachment). Also some funkiness going on with the feet fk controllers (See attachment)

thanks for the feedback @Micha I will check on it ASAP. But just let you know that some offset was expected on the mannequin biped due the ikSolver

Please check the this video for more info about the offset