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UI bug from different custom naming (using game biped template)

Here is a bug on mGear (4.0.9) with Maya 2023. It’s about the {description}UI_{side}_root (the 5 transforms in front of the world control that helps to switch on/off FKIK and others attributes…)
If I change the naming rules from the template before the creation of the rig, there is few behaviors that are unexpected, and cause an offset of 90° on the X axis of the UI Controls.

Repro :

  1. Import the Game Biped Template in your scene
  2. Select the guide transform and go to mGear > Shifter > Settings > Naming Rules
  • If you change the naming rules of your controls or your joints, all of the UI will be created with 90° rotation offset.
  • If you delete the “C” letter from the Sides Naming, you will have the spineUI_C0_root and faceUI_C0_root with an offset of 90°.
  • If you change the Extensions Naming “ctl” to “ctrl”, all of the UI controls will receive an offset too.
  • Notice that the default Extension Naming isn’t the same as loaded initially : “Jnt” will be replaced by “jnt”.

The screenshot below is the behavior when I don’t have the letter “C” in the Sides Naming section.
Capture d’écran 2022-12-05 175206

The naming convention shouldn’t drive the orientation of UI Controls, so I don’t mind if there is any other consequences due to custom naming.

Isn’t this the intended behavior as the extracted controls under the controls_grp don’t match the controls in the scene anymore as the naming has been changed?