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Underscore in Names


I’m not entirely sure whether this is a feature request or a bug, but I would like to have underscores in the name of a controller.

I’ve tried with “control_01” and underscores are removed once finished editing the name.


That is done by design. Right now the naming structure is kind of hard-coded.
I would like to implement something where the user can edit his own naming patterns, but is not a priority for us. Provably will never be done, unless some one else wants to tackle this :stuck_out_tongue:


Why particularly exclude underscores from the name? Is it to force a naming convention?

Also have you had any thoughts for a naming pattern framework?
Maybe someone can get a head start on this, if we lay out a rough plan.


yes that is what I was trying to say in the previous post. :stuck_out_tongue:

the current naming convention is hard-coded, But I would like to have something more flexible.But it is not a priority