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Unfamiliar pick walk behavior (skips groups while pick walking up)


Hi all. I am trying to determine why when I pickwalk up a rig hierarchy, the groups are skipped. Example:


if I select the lowest node (foot_L0_bk2_ctl ) and pick walk up (keyboard up) the next node selected is foot_L0_bk1_ctl

where as when I create a curve under an empty group under another curve (not as part of any rig), I can pickwalk up through each node…

is there a setting somewhere that designates the nodes that get skipped on pick walk?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Kind regards…


Suggest to browse the forum carefully
This is the workaround
Temporarily turning off custom pick-walking
Thanks for the @chrislesage for the tip


The behavior you’re seeing was designed for animators so they can quickly traverse actual animation controllers. This is because of the Maya controller tags/nodes.

What I’ve done is based on the post from @chrislesage and made it a toggle you can put in the shelf.

import pymel.core as pm

picking = pm.optionVar["ControllerPickWalking"] == 1
pm.optionVar["ControllerPickWalking"] = not picking


Perfect. Thanks Jeroen. That’s very helpful. Cheers.