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Unwanted Leg Pop Stretching behaviour

Hi guys! I’m a fairly new rigger, and i’m trying to rig a simple cubical shape leg.

I’m using the leg_2jnt_01 guide, the only problem is that i’m getting a behaviour that should not happen as my rig is skinned with lattices. The behaviour is the leg popping like on this gif :

Unwanted : https://i.gyazo.com/03f47c7d9f4b32f7f9bcc92d22467824.mp4

What i would like to have: https://i.gyazo.com/cc309a39663249374f95c7eaa3d72994.mp4

Do you think it’s possible to get something similar like the second gif? Thank you!

p.s i’ve tried using the Attribute: Softness but it’s not ok for this kind of shape because the leg gets permanently curved.

Hello @Redwolf
I am afraid that feature is not available in the current custom IK solver.
But thanks for the idea! I am taking note of it :slight_smile:

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